130 Years Anniversary

Pennock Floral is celebrating 130 years in business anniversary in 2012. The Pennock Company was founded in 1882 in Philadelphia by Charles E. Pennock. Originally called the C.E. Pennock Company, the name was changed from the C.E. and S.S. Pennock Company in 1886 when C.E. Pennock's half-brother, S.S. Pennock, joined the business. In 1890, the... Continue Reading →


Green color everywere Green and white colors not only represent St. Patrick’s Day, they also symbolize fresh and new growth of what the spring will bring. We hope, the flowers featured below will inspire you. Green Flowers Fillers and Accents  


                      The floral industry is very interested in greening the earth. To follow this trend, Pennock Floral has initiated a specialized recycling program. Our General Manager, Ted Johnson, was the driving force behind this program. We are segregating the waste by dry and wet waste.... Continue Reading →

Syndicate Star Program

The Pennock Company is proud to support the new Syndicate Stars Program. This program will allow you, as a Pennock customer to browse Syndicate’s live inventory and place orders for your store, which will then be delivered and invoiced by Pennock. This program not only allows you to access items not stocked in Pennock’s inventory,... Continue Reading →

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