130 Years Anniversary

Pennock Floral is celebrating 130 years in business anniversary in 2012. The Pennock Company was founded in 1882 in Philadelphia by Charles E. Pennock. Originally called the C.E. Pennock Company, the name was changed from the C.E. and S.S. Pennock Company in 1886 when C.E. Pennock's half-brother, S.S. Pennock, joined the business. In 1890, the... Continue Reading →

Website Orders

Did you know that you can order cut flowers and supply items from Pennock on-line at preferred.pennock.com? Our web site is streamlined to let you search flowers and supplies by entering “Google-like” keywords, or narrow your search by providing drop down lists of vendors, categories, varieties and even colors. All of our inventory is managed... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is this week! We hope you're the same exciting about this Mother's Day as we are. We'll provide some interesting information, statistic  and tips to help you stay on top at this one of the busiest Holiday.  Stay tuned! Pennock Floral has everything for your convenience: We have longer Holiday Store hours: Monday... Continue Reading →

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