Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Pavé Cube Arrangement What better way is there to celebrate spring than with flowers? This adorable arrangement of daffodils, blue muscari, and green dianthus created in a pavé style is simple yet appealing. It is dense and crowded with flowers, but has a clean appearance. This style is a sophisticated look and works well for small surfaces... Continue Reading →

130 Years Anniversary

Pennock Floral is celebrating 130 years in business anniversary in 2012. The Pennock Company was founded in 1882 in Philadelphia by Charles E. Pennock. Originally called the C.E. Pennock Company, the name was changed from the C.E. and S.S. Pennock Company in 1886 when C.E. Pennock's half-brother, S.S. Pennock, joined the business. In 1890, the... Continue Reading →

New Spring Showcase

This is just a small part of our New Spring showcase! Today we're showing you two color blocks - White and Pink. Others color blocks are coming soon, but if you can't wait to see it you know where you can find us =) Please tell us what you think about our display! 

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