Rose Production

It’s February, the hottest month in the flower industry. As florists, decorators, and even a wholesale house it is important to stay current with our farms, in regards to production, grading standards, and quality assurance. Equiflor, one of five leading independent fresh flower growers and importers to North America has shared some of their company’s... Continue Reading →

Florists Upbeat On Future Prospects For Their Business

Retail florists that have weathered and survived the U.S. economic recession are surprisingly upbeat on their future prospects for the florist business.   In a 2011 survey, fifty-five percent of florist shops in the U.S. described their future prospects as “Good” or “Excellent”, a little more than one-third described their prospects as “Fair”, and only 9%... Continue Reading →

New innovation product from Chrysal ‘Arrive Alive® by Chrysal’

Chrysal International and MAC Technologies have agreed on a working partnership. The goal of this strategic alliance is to bring a flower packaging innovation to the market called ‘Arrive Alive® by Chrysal’. ‘Arrive Alive® by Chrysal’ preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport and reduces water waste in the floral chain. The concept consists... Continue Reading →

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