Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Tulip and Daffodil Arrangement Flowers bring the joyful promise of spring. This design utilizes an armature, which is a wonderful mechanic for supporting blossoms in a floral arrangement. While most armatures are hidden within the design, an artistic armature can be created to be the prominent feature of a contemporary floral design. For this armature start with the... Continue Reading →

Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Basket Arrangement A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Flowers in a Basket This humble wicker basket is an integral part of so many traditions. Where would we be without our Easter baskets and our picnic baskets? Beautiful, functional, handmade, and constructed of natural materials, baskets are the perfect container to hold the bounty of your imagination. To make an arrangement... Continue Reading →

Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Pastel Arrangement Pastels on Display Set the scene for spring with a lovely pastel arrangement that will brighten any room. When creating this type of composition, choose either a single shade or a blend of complementary colors. To enhance texture and color make sure you add foliage to your design. We chose shades of pink with... Continue Reading →

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