Watch It Bloom: Summer Collection Cascading Line Arrangement There’s something about a flower arrangement that lifts up the mood of anyone who sees it. It’s classic, timeless, attractive and meaningful. No wonder it’s one of the few things that make for a great gift to heartily express your feelings. But the gift of flowers is made more significant depending on how it... Continue Reading →

Watch It Bloom: Summer Collection Tropical Spiral Arrangement Want a summer look that's perfect for your tabletop. Our summer flowers practically demand to be showcased! This design is called a tropical spiral arrangement, and it’s a technique that you can create all in one hand. Let’s start off with using about 15-25 stems and make sure you pick the prettiest ones you... Continue Reading →

Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Pavé Textured Arrangement The air is starting to get warmer, so why not end the season with a cool colored hue arrangement. This design represents serenity and relaxation. Its peaceful palette is a blend of delicate cool colors with blues and pinks at its heart. It is dense and crowded with flowers, but has a clean appearance.... Continue Reading →

Watch It Bloom: Spring Collection Tulip and Daffodil Arrangement Flowers bring the joyful promise of spring. This design utilizes an armature, which is a wonderful mechanic for supporting blossoms in a floral arrangement. While most armatures are hidden within the design, an artistic armature can be created to be the prominent feature of a contemporary floral design. For this armature start with the... Continue Reading →

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