Spring Wedding Ideas

There's something special about spring weddings. The abundance of flowers, pastels colors, the garden inspired details. Not to mention the very season is a time to welcome change and warmer weather. So many flowers are in bloom during spring, there's a lot of color palette possibilities and tons of styles for a spring inspired wedding.... Continue Reading →

DipIt Tutorial

There are multiple products in the market used in the coloring of flowers.  Absorbit and DipIt are the most convenient methods for coloring large amounts of fresh cut flowers. ABSORBIT - A systemic floral dye. Absorbit color flowers through the stem to the blossom: coloring from the inside out. DIPIT - A dip and rinse... Continue Reading →

Color it Christmas!

New season… It’s very exciting! New colors, new supplies and yes, new flowers.  The change of season has happened so quickly! We were all surrounded with oranges and yellows for Thanksgiving and fall that we were hardly ready for the fast change that occurred on Black Friday morning. How can we make this transition with... Continue Reading →

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