What is Popular for Mother’s Day?

Source:  aboutflowers.com

Popular Mother’s Day Flowers



Mother’s Day Flower Colors

Pink is the traditional favorite for Mother’s Day flowers. Other colors to wow Mom this Mother’s Day include:

  • Monochromatic (flowers in the same color)
  • Blush pink, antique ivory and cream tones
  • Hot pink and berry tones combined with shades of red

New emerging trend this year for Mother’s day are bold, vibrant and exciting color combinations, including:

  • Hot pink and orange
  • Citron and purple
  • Shades of orange hues – tangerine to peach
  • Purple accented with bright green
  • Purple and lime green and magenta
  • Pink, coral and turquoise together

Popular Mother’s Day Floral Designs

  • Monochromatic (flowers in the same color) floral arrangements
  • Floral arrangements designed in baskets
  • Strong botanical or color groupings surrounded by beautiful smaller flowers and foliage
  • Natural, earthy and garden-style arrangements in vintage style glassware
  • Soft and feminine mixed flower combinations
  • Simple, monobotanical (one flower variety) designs in clear glass vessels

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