Summer Trends 2017

Summer is here and we want to make sure you know the hottest trends happening this summer.   If you're lucky enough to be having a summer wedding or even designing a summer wedding , you will have the most beautiful flowers in season. In your summer floral bouquet, mix the summer seasonal flowers with... Continue Reading →

Pennock Floral is Moving!

We are thrilled to announce exciting upcoming changes at Pennock Floral! One of our primary goals is customer service and satisfaction. After several years of thought and consideration, we are combining our Baltimore, MD and Springfield, VA locations into a single, improved, powerhouse location. We have acquired a brand new facility in Laurel, MD that we... Continue Reading →

The Victorian Era 1837-1901

Queen Victoria, 1882, Photograph by Alexander BassanoIn British history, the Victorian era was the Period of Queen Victoria’s reign which began in 1837 until her death in January 1901. This era was widely recognized as a long period of peace, prosperity, and national self confidence for Britain The Victorian age was characterized by rapid change... Continue Reading →

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